Strongly Built
During the past 15 years we have built a strong network of relations be it with our clients or vendors who became partners in every aspect of the word. Our growth as well as geographical reach are fuelled by our passion to provide unparalleled services to all out customers who put their trust in us.
Ever Evolving
We never stop seeking and developing solutions tailored to the specific needs of our customers. It is no secret that we set standards and disrupt the market with innovations and many “first times”. World’s first digital compass Qibla locator MasterCard card, fragrance card, cloud-based HCE payment, token service management are just a few…
Always compliant
The main reason to being a trusted vendor is a clean track record with ZERO tolerance to security breach. A culture that evolves with the ever changing compliancy requirements of the payment industry.
MasterCard Certified

Infotec Systems has taken a strategic decision to diversify its offerings from products and solutions provider to services provider. As a first step, we have decided to offer our clients a service that has always been a burden and required constant follow up and exerted a lot of time, resources and above all investments: Remote Data Preparation for EMV Card Issuing instantly in batch mode or card-by-card at branch level.

Our application servers are hosted in a secure PCI PA-DSS data center and we have passed the PCI Card Production audit for physical as well as logical security and we have received the MasterCard Certification in April 2016.

The whole idea is meant to be simple so is our business and technical models. Setup can be done in few days via VPN and depending on the perso hardware type, issuers can be ready for perso even before the cards reach their premises.

Android POS

Leveraging the power and flexibility of the Android open platform, our latest Android POS terminals are the ideal alternative to standard POS terminals.

Flexibility means the ability to personalize the Mobile Merchant acquiring application at user level. Optional Merchant Loyalty Exchange platform built-in. Mobile customer enrolment anywhere, anytime.

Strength means the use of the device for alternate payment methods and authentication such as Biometric fingerprint, card chip & PIN, NFC contactless, verbal identifier, and voucher payments in addition to digital signature capturing.

Not only is it easily integrated with existing payment switches, but also supported by our full-scope POS and Merchant Management platform and POS/mPOS Payment Switch which can be offered as outsourced managed service or in-house deployment.

Union Pay Instant Issuing

For the first time in the Middle East in-branch instant issuing of UPI pre-paid cards are being issued seamlessly using our PCI compliant personalization solution coupled with the NBS M30 Multi-Hopper (eight hoppers) personalization systems.

This challenging project leveraged our many years of experience is EMV chip cards issuing and further strengthened our knowledge for the UPI chip cards issuing which is growing exponentially in the MENA region.

Cloud Payment and Token Service

Our Cloud Based Payment Solution enables service providers to distribute and manage contactless applications remotely in NFC-enabled handsets via the HCE (Host Card Emulation) feature in Android and via secure elements in selected handsets. Once personalized the NFC-enabled handset can emulate a contactless card.

How our Mobile Payments works

The Cloud Based Solution personalizes the HCE or secure element by way of HTTP/HTTPS using either through mobile data connection or WiFi. In HCE mode, the Token Service Manager Server performs all the security for the application allowing the handset to be use securely at a POS terminal that supports contactless cards. No data connection is required to use the phone at a POS terminal.

Our Cloud Based Payment Solution is Visa and MasterCard certified.

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